Please bring water and lots of it ! It will be a hot day – sunscreen and hats!
We do not recommend to bring dogs or other pets the pavements are very hot
Please consider bringing strollers for small kids it can be hard for small kids to walk this distance


Where we will meet

We will meet at noon July 8 at the a- maze ing (laughing statues) on the grassy area. You will see our event table with t-shirts at this location.


Here are some things you should know:

Starting point: at the a- maze ing (laughing statues) on the grass area – speak out introduction

Walk/march: we will be walking towards Vancouver aquatic center in a SLOW PACE – (think funeral walk at an arm-length distance to the person in front of you) – two organizers will be leading the march in 2 separate lanes – each marcher will receive a sign – wording at the front holding hands high for one lane the other the images at the front

We will have 2 stops on the way to the Vancouver aquatic center one at the Inukshuk and the second one opposite Jervis st. this is along the beach walk – on the way back we are on the pedestrian side walk 2 stops again on Jervis and opposite the Boathouse restaurant

Last important stop (so don’t go away yet!) is when we return to the starting point at the A-maze-ing Laughter statues intersection for a final Roaring Silence stand, and later will have a speak-out by a very important activist!

Each stop is of 4 minutes. Standing in Roaring silence – a whistle will used to let you know when to flip the signs we will be facing the street at all times.

T-shirts – Can be purchased for $25.00 make sure you have cash ,or picked up ( if you bought via kickstarter ) on the day – if you don’t have one or plan to purchase one please wear a black t-shirt!

Signs – We have 19 different signs! and enough for everyone! No need to bring any – they are all unified – same size and material

Roar Roar Roar!

Waiting to see each one of you!


Route Map

Roaring Silence Route Map